Dissecting an Ad

In my hunt for a graphic design to use for this assignment I fell upon the work of Shigeo Fukuda.  I think it’s absolutely masterful. Much of his work focused on social and political issues.  I love his bold and limited use of a color palette.  Many of his pieces consist of two colors.  Here are two of my favorites




Shigeo Fukuda was a master of negative space.  He used it to play with the meaning of the design. With hands reaching for coffee both in and out of the circle he alluded to how coffee can bring people together. This psychedelic circle also resembles an eye.  A very awake eye, most likely coffee induced.




The piece is symmetrical but I’m not sure how well it falls into a grid falling into vertical grids.




The orange he chose is such a warm and inviting color.  Orange is often associated with food and stimulating the appetite. It’s inviting and welcomes the viewer in to enjoy a warm cup of UCC Coffee.

The dark brown is the color of coffee. It complements the orange and keeps the tone warm and rich.

The white serves as the coffee cup and keeps the whole design light

There is no unnecessary color.  Like the rest of his work it maintains 3 colors or less.