Mask Switch

Mask Switch

For my first project for PComp I made a simple pushbutton switch circuit.

Originally I found this very cool malleable metallic material.  I wanted to undulate it and then wire a copper stick on to it so that when they touched the light would go off.  I molded it into the perfect shape before realizing that the material itself was not conductive.  I begin to cut it to see if I could shape it and then place tinfoil on top of it to make it conductive. The light was on as I did this and I saw the light shine through the metallic sheet.

Growing up my mom used to collect masks and would sometimes place candles behind them so the light shined through their facial features.  I recognized the potential for this with the little holes I’d poked through my material.  So I changed the plan for my piece. I cut out two eyes and mouth with a number of other little holes to expel more light.


At first I kept the button in a wooden box that I found it in that looked like a console.  But then I decided I wanted to do something softer that would be more pleasurable to push but would still keep the battery hidden. I soldered the wires onto the button and then engulfed it in foam with  purple fabric glued around it.

I would love to have created this with an toggle switch instead of the push button switch so it could actually be used as a lamp.  I like the aesthetic of it but going forward I would like to be a bit more creative with the way I get a circuit to work, not just a button but perhaps using movement or other less known conductive materials.