Synthesis was the marrying of what we’re learning in our Pcomp and ICM classes.  Our task was to get a p5 sketch to respond to a physical interaction.   I partnered with Melissa and we achieved the goal but we were a little disappointed with the extent we were able to run with it. We started out with a potentiometer as our analog input but for some reason it was super glitchy on both of our computers.  Melissa’s flat out stopped working but it had something to do with the software clashing on her computer.  We continued solely on mine and after getting our potentiometer to work, and then it crashing, and getting it to work again, and then it crashing we moved on to using a force sensor instead.




The time lag remained but we were able to move forward with the force sensor.  We made the force sensor affect when ellipses appeared on the screen.  We’d done a few before that just affected the location of the ellipse or the color but we found the amount of ellipses shown in relation to the force more interesting.


Synthesis – Physical Computing & Computational Media from Oriana Neidecker on Vimeo.