Beginnings of a Midterm

Main idea: A piece of jewelry that alerts you when you have a  fever >100 F.

Lindsey and I are partnering for our  midterm and are leaning toward making a choker and maybe a bracelet with a temperature sensor and LEDs that flash red when you have a fever.  First we want to achieve a choker that flashes red with a fever and once we get there we’d like to evolve it to include other colors on the LED choker for fun.  To evolve this it would be great to include pulse sensors in future products.


  • Arduino Lilypad
  • Temperature Sensor
  • LEDs – either a string of Neopixels or one big centered LED
  • Conductive Fabric, thread


lilypadusb-300x300                     10988-01


2113_big_web-1                scarf2



il_570xn-358738908_my1i                il_570xn-358747827_hn2c