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Going Forward:

When I get these cards actually printed in bulk I want to elaborate on them a little bit further.  I want the cards to involve more of the senses.  The ON logo will be raised so it feels like a button when you run your fingers over it.  I think with the vertical positioning it will feel almost like an on button on a small control.

I would also like to add a scent.  I laughed at my father when he got scented business cards years ago but I’ve seen the lasting impact they’ve had on people over the years.  He’s an art collector and I often go with him to art fairs annually.  A surprising number of people remember him years later because of his scented business card.  I believe it must have an effect similar to an oddly shaped card because it is so different.  Yet I’ve only encountered one business scented card, and many oddly shaped creative cards.  I think adding the elements of touch and smell will make the card, and therefore me, memorable.