Lights Finale

We decided to continue running with our midterm wearables project.  We’d like to evolve our LED sequences and play with other sensors. We’ve talked about making bracelets and leggings.  I would love to make a jacket as well, time permitting. We’re thinking about working with photocells, sound sensors, pulse and proximity sensors.  For our midterm the temperature sensor was about internal regulation.  For our final we’d ideally like to create a line of wearables, some internal, but to also include more socially interactive wearables.  Preliminary ideas are lights that sync up when you encounter other people wearing them (proximity sensors).  Also actually turning on the LEDs by touching each other, perhaps gloves that light up when you hold hands.  Due to the difficulties we encountered with our midterm we’ll definitely research our hardware more and test them out before committing.  For the microcontroller we’d ideally like to use a wireless or bluetooth microcontroller, like the Flora pictured below, but we’ll see how that works out!

Potential new hardware:


2842-02                         0j5450-1200





u2-led-jackets becky-stern-wearable-electronics-led-hair-bow