I’ve alway been in love with the nude.  The nude photo is so much more than a nude photo because of all of the associations the viewer brings in the way they perceive it.  For some people nudes are pornographic, for others a celebration of natural beauty and femininity, for me they are more of a representation of freedom.


I grew up in a house surrounded by photographs of nudes.  My dad collects them. When I graduated college I moved back home to organize, archive and manage the collection.  Going through hundreds of nudes I began to recognize reoccurring themes: classic shots, surreal shots, breasts as eyes, torsos, flying, floating, sleeping, but my favorite was the shadows.  The french photographer Lucien Clergue was a master of shadow and light and is one of my top 3 favorite photographers (photos below).

lucien-clergue-exposition-grand-palais-modernists-1     93897226-0htqleat-200801276156wien

I recently discovered the artist Dani Oliver, also a Parisian, greatly inspired by Lucien Clergue.  He works with the abstraction of light, shadows and color.  Not only does he creates photographs but he produces hypnotic videos of models moving in light projections. I love them.  I used one of his videos as the background for this piece.

As a woman and a lover of nudes I sometimes struggle with the gap in the reception of the images.  What I can perceive as a symbol of beauty and freedom can be viewed in way that totally objectifies and exploits the woman instead of celebrating her.  For my project I made two versions of a viewer watching a moving nude woman. I overlaid a colored webcam filter over the video of a dancing to represent the different point of views.  One is dark and green the other is colorful and playful.