The Rabbit + The Moon


I ‘m animating an old Aztec myth about the image of a rabbit on the moon.  In the myth Quetzacoatl, the god of wind and learning, who is often depicted as a feathered serpent, goes down to Earth to observe nature, man and the animals.  On Earth he takes a human form and in this story is wandering through the desert.  He walks under the beating sun day after day and begins to suffer from hunger.  One night he encounters a rabbit eating in the moonlight.  The rabbit asks him what is wrong and he tells him of his hunger.  The rabbit was a kind creature and immediately offered Quetzacoatl some of the grass he was eating but Quetzacoatl refused saying grass isn’t enough to sustain man.  The rabbit asked him what he was going to do and Quetzacoatl told him he would probably die.  The rabbit overcome with sadness offered himself as food to Quetzacoatl.  Touched with the kindness of the rabbit Quetzacoatl revealed his true godly form.  He picked up the rabbit and raised him up to the moon, leaving the rabbits imprint on it.  He told the rabbit that he would be rewarded for his compassion and man would always seem him painted in light on the moon.

My mom’s a Mexican archaeologist and told me this myth at an early age.  I only ever remember seeing the rabbit on the moon.


I want to recreate this simple story in animation but add more transformative elements.  I want to play with color and movement and make it somewhat psychedelic.