The Rabbit & The Moon

I’ve always been fascinated by mythology.  My mother is an archaeologist from Mexico and my bed time stories were usually Mexican myths.  One of my favorites is the story of how the image of a rabbit ended up on the moon.  Perhaps it is the most memorable to me because I so clearly see the rabbit every time I look at the full time (in different orientations in different parts of the world).

In the future I would love to animate myths, fairytales, and the archetypes that derive from them in virtual reality.  I think it would be amazing to experience them in 360.  To me dreams and myths are very related and VR, if done correctly, is  very dreamlike world.

My mom is currently working on a book about one of her sites in Mexico and there are new stories and myths that come from the site.  I promised her I would animate her stories so I used this myth as practice.  This is my first time using After Effects.  I’m not going to lie the first two weeks I was completely paralyzed, I had no idea how to maneuver After Effects and was pretty much sent into existential despair with my perceived incompetence.  But I pulled myself together and sat through 10 hours of After Effects tutorials on (After Effects CC Essential Training by Ian Robinson I highly recommend).  Once I got my basics down I was able to somewhat execute my vision (good enough for my first)!

My only regret is not using the Camera layer in this animation but I’ll focus on that for the next one. I planned on it but half way through creating my project I deleted a composition that I used for all of the movement of the 3rd incarnation of Quetzacoatl (despair round 2). This set me back some hours and hindered my exploration of the camera.  I learned its is super important to ORGANIZE and pretty much don’t delete ANYTHING, at least while learning.

The Rabbit + The Moon


Rabbit + Moon Final from Oriana Neidecker on Vimeo.