Finals 180

The day after Trump was voted in as the next President of the United States we playtested our Pcomp final idea.  My partner Lindsey and I  looked at our party-wear GPS light locator clothes and were less than enthused.  We couldn’t ignore how we felt, the level of sadness and confusion that our country had voted in a total fear-mongering and hateful misogynist.


So our Pcomp & ICM project took a 180 as we decided to make an interactive performance piece in response to his win.  We are enlisting the help of a dancer (fellow ITPer Elizabeth White).  Sticking with wearables, she will be wearing a bodysuit with 4 distinct neopixel strips.  They will cycle from red to blue to off.  We are also making a physical controller with four buttons each connected to one of the strips.  When a button is pressed two things occur, P5 releases a Trump audio clip such as “Nasty Woman” or “Grab them by the pussy” and the LED strip tied to the button changes color.  The change in color signals the dancer to alter her dance.  At red she has full movement of her limb, at blue her freedom of range is decreased and when off she can no longer move it.  Nearing the  end of the piece each button will have cycled through the colors to the respective limbs and she will be left without any light, crumpled on the floor.  The dance in response to the button presses and soundbites represents women losing their sense of agency.  However at the end of the piece a secret button is revealed, one that is only available to the dancer herself, which is an override button of sorts.  Once she presses it all of her lights turn white and the  are no longer affected by the external button presses.  Here are some initial mockups of the end visual result and our thinking in how to achieve that.