LaFlaca in Space – Unity Dabbles

LaFlaca in Space from Oriana Neidecker on Vimeo.

For our final animation assignment we were tasked with making a character and a world in Unity.  I’m fascinated by virtual reality and Unity is one of the “easiest” ways to make VR content.  They  also have an amazing asset store filled with content for you to use.

In the future I want to make  surreal dreamy VR, most likely dealing with abstract shapes and patterns but for the purpose of this assignment (and being the midst of finals) I decided to go with something just plain old weird 2D in Unity and raided their asset store.  Baby steps.

I originally made a vampire lady character in Fuse and played around with their built-in add-on but once I entered the space world I went back to a skeleton that I found and tweaked it.

I was surprised to see how much you can do in a little time in Unity, how much is available that you can play and manipulate. It made the experience very enjoyable.  I’m sure the frustration builds with the level of difficulty and once you really build something with the ground-up.  But for the time being I’m very happy and satisfied with my skeleton dancing in space.