La Llorona

Llorona from Oriana Neidecker on Vimeo.

Now this is a true story.  It happened to my friend’s aunt’s boyfriend.  She showed me a song he wrote about it.  I think his name was Paul.   Paul moved to San Francisco in the 70’s.  He was a musician and wanted to make it big.  Straight off the bus he went to Golden Gate Park.   He spotted the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen sitting under a tree near him.  He pulled out his guitar and started playing hoping to get her attention.  A crowd gathered around him but she didn’t even look. At nightfall some guys came up to tell him they dug his music and offered him a place to crash.  Paul asked them if they knew anything about the girl.  They happened to know a lot.  All three of them had tried to win her over themselves.  Her name was Maria.  No one really knew where she came from. She sold drugs in the park most days to keep herself afloat. All the men wanted her, and some women too.  But all you could really do was buy drugs off of her. She thought her beauty granted her enlightenment and she was above everybody else.  They told Paul not to waste his time, she wouldn’t be into him.

But Paul couldn’t get her out of his head.  He went to the park everyday to play his guitar hoping she would notice him.  Eventually his hard work paid off and she granted him a date.  He found out later that she didn’t even care if he was a good guitar player.  She just thought he was almost as good looking as her so he must be enlightened too. They had a whirlwind romance and eloped.  I think they got married in that famous chapel  in Vegas. When they came back from their honeymoon they moved in together and for a while thing’s were going really well.  Paul doted on Maria and they spent their days laying in the park.  But after a while Paul missed making music.

He joined a band and spent all his time jamming with them.  They started playing these crazy parties where everyone would drop acid and dance all night.  This drove Maria crazy, she was so jealous of how much time he devoted to his music.  He was always on tour and she felt abandoned.   He was back in town one time for this big Halloween party and Maria just snapped.  She gave Paul’s band a whole batch of bad acid and they all went insane.  None of them ever came back from their trips.   Obviously Paul thought she was crazy and left her and left San Francisco.  She took the rest of the bad acid herself and disappeared for a while. A few years later people started seeing her at parties, she was always high and crying for Paul.  Apparently she goes around shows recreating that night and offering bad acid to anybody that’ll take it.  Honest to God, true story. That’s why you should never take drugs from strangers, you never know where it’s coming from.