Inanna’s Descent

I want to make a story based off the Babylonian myth of Inanna’s descent into the underworld.  This combines with my Fairytales final. End goal this would be a first person VR experience but for now a 3rd person video would work.  The story is that she goes into the underworld against the advice of others in order to gain knowledge that she can bring back to the world.  There are 7 gates to the underworld and in each gate she must leave something behind.  Each gate represents something like Ego or Will.  I’d like to make the tunnel out of old videos with a symbol that represents giving that up.  For example Will is all videos of people putting their hands up.

copsHands copy


So your surrounded by this footage when your walking down the tunnel to the underworld.  When she gets out she meets her mirror image.  I’d like to make them opposite colors. They move towards each other. A death and rebirth kind of thing.  I’m not sure yet if I want to continue the story from there.  


Whirl pool that leads to a tunnel to the underworld
My first draft of my underworld
Above ground – neutral no sense of time period. Character will be rigged and colored