Inanna- Tunnel Complete

I finally achieved my goal of a tunnel of videos that leads into the underworld.  After two days of being planted in the same spot on my couch what I imagined finally materialized.  I have been collecting videos for the past two weeks.  Each three videos in a gate are meant to represent what Inanna gives up on her way to the Underworld: Will, Ego, Mind, Sex Role, Illumination, Magic and Godhood.  Once I had all of the videos I had to figure out how to put them in my world and play them simultaneously.Unreal is magical but it learning everything takes a long time.  Watching online tutorials and scouring forums online helps a lot but I’ve found sometimes the simplest things take the longest.  I tried to find the Media folder for hours.  Every tutorial skipped over said you had to use it to make media textures but didn’t say where you could find it.  I scrolled through all of the toolbars and the content browser until I found out eventually it’s just a right click.  One I learned the process I repeated it 20 times.  I now have the importing video and blueprint process down pat.  My tunnel exists and I love it.  It’s the first thing at ITP I feel truly proud of.  I was very particular about my aesthetic and I feel like I carried it through.  I achieved what I wanted for this week (fairytales midterm too) but have much to do until it’s finished (1 week when Worlds on a Wire midterm is due).  I have my look, my underworld, my character and my tunnel.

Everything else character animations, above ground world and shots, unity of selves sequence, 360 filming to come…..

I think I accomplished everything I could on my Mac computer and will now have to continue the project on a gaming computer.

(Jumpy and blurry due to screen capture on Mac with Unreal)