My WoW midterm combined with my Fairytales in the 21st century midterm.  I came up with the concept of my story in Fairytales and used what I learned in Wow to begin executing. That being said I think it is far from done.  I have about 1/2 of what I envisioned for this project completed and it’s something I definitely want to keep working on.

The myth I was originally interested in interpreting was the Babylonian myth of the goddess Inanna’s descent into the Underworld. It starts off saying she was the goddess of heaven and earth but wanted to put her ear to the ground below.  She descends through seven gates to the Underworld and meets her sister, Ereshkigal, the queen of the Underworld.  At each of the seven gates she has to give up an item of clothing that gives her power (or her sense of identity) and arrives in the underworld naked. Her sister kills her and she is lost for a while.  She is eventually reborn and returns to Earth to claim her throne with more knowledge and sends someone else to take her place in the Underworld.

I wanted to make my 21st century interpretation of this myth one based on the Jungian idea of individuation.  The descent to the underworld  represents of her journey into her unconscious where she encounters her ‘shadow-self’.  

The goal of Jungian psychotherapy is “individuation,” which means the integration of our unconsciousness (shadow) with our consciousness (ego), which is what allows your complete Self to emerge.

So before she descends she is only conscious of her Ego and she has to give up her ideas of her identity to encounter her shadow, only once she has encountered, faced and accepted her shadow self does she begin her path to individuation.

Her sister represents her shadow self, the gates are represented by the tunnel of videos where she gives up her ideas, her sister killing her is the loss of her self as she knows it, her rebirth is the beginning of her individuation and becoming her full unique Self.


My tunnel scene is complete but I need to complete the forest and union levels.  I put in jpegs in the video to hold in where I’d like them to go. Video is super choppy because my laptop is about to die with Unreal and Screen capture – without screen capture it runs smoothly,

WowMidterm from Oriana Neidecker on Vimeo.

I “storyboarded” out the levels by staging everything in 3d space with stickers…photos to come


First draft of final script.

“The only journey is the one within.” – Rilke

Forest Level

Opening shot in forest. See trees look down and see body. Or look up and see trees. Try out camera movement if makes nauesous.

Once there was a girl that wanted to know more. She ran Heaven and Earth but knew little of what lay beneath. The Underworld was vast and mysterious. It whispered secrets in sleeping ears and left memories of shadows.There was a weight she felt in the forgotten secrets. So she decided to descend.


Walks down to a cave. There’s a door which she knocks.


But one can’t simply decide to descend.


She knocks again.


Going deeper is a process.  


Door slowly opens.


There are seven gates to the underworld and one must arrive bare.  


Cut to black. 


Underworld Level

Videos in Gates:

Will – put your hands up

Ego – get lost in the crowd

Mind – lose your mind

Sex – getting old shriveled

Illumination – knowledge – eclipse,lights

Magic -cults

Godhood -complete destruction


Walk up to a hand that serves as a boat.  Boat slowly takes you through the tunnel.  

Space Lady major Tom plays for entirety of tunnel.  You can look around but you can’t change the direction or the pace.


Boat exits tunnel.  Rides up to shadow-self.


There’s no guarantee of a welcome.  There’s no guarantee of return.


Shadow-self does execution motion.

Body/camera falls to the floor. Cut to black.


VR camera in middle but no body attached to it.

Here footsteps coming from in front and behind of you.

White and black selves running full speed towards you.


She ran into herself in the darkness.


Upon impact everything turns white.
Wake up in forest. Same as first shot.  Pulls out and you see she’s’ golden.