Simulation Theory Progress Report

We’ve got everything in motion having finalized our script, found our actor and half of our locations.

We updated our moodboard to reflect our changes in story and script.


We did some test shots on how the samsung camera looks, how it feels on a dummy, and how close you can get to the camera without a big distortion occurring.

We did a test of putting a 360 video in Unreal, with and without other objects in it.

Flor from Oriana Neidecker on Vimeo.

and have a rough of our “real” unreal world – we want to customize it more but this has all of the main elements

We’ve also located some 3d assets we want to potentially use for the rosharch scene


We’ve found our main actor who will be playing the psychiatrist and we’re in the process of filing the SAG paperwork

Our memory/world falling apart scene will be shot at the Black Lodge in Nolita.



We’re set to shoot the psychiatrist scene on Saturday and the bar scene on Monday or Wednesday.

What we need to focus on going forward on working in Unreal and building multiple layers of 360 video that can revealed/disintegrated through  raycasting to show the disappearing people/move between scenes.  I can imagine this turning into a logic problem and we’ll consider using Wanda as well.

Flor – Exploring 360 images in Unreal

Flor from Oriana Neidecker on Vimeo.
I continued last week’s exploration of 360 images in Unreal.  I like how you can create little bubble worlds you can enter within the main world you’ve created.  They’re like windows.  I love the idea of showing art work within these worlds and want to explore making a gallery in Unreal with bubbles of different work.  It allows so much more.  You can curate a whole world for each piece.  For this bubble I used one of my favorite photos by Flor Garduno of the painter Sergio Hernandez.  The 360 image was taken at the Dreamlands exhibit at the Whitney.

I’m still working on the source code for Unreal but should have it finished by next week.  You need to have Unreal to be able to access it but Chloe and I will be sharing our work through Unreal so that will be a good way to test how well it works and what amount of data you can synthesize from it.