Object to Augment

I love the warmth that plants add to your apartment but I am a plant serial killer.  I’ve tried calendar invites, alarms, reminders I always forget to water them or move them.  I find all the info online about the specific needs of each plant but it is in one ear and out the other.

I want to make a projection on the pot of the plant that tells you when you need to water the plant.

Water Me,  Water Me!

More Sun Please!

Feed Me, Feed Me!

Depending on the type of plant the complexity of the projection could change.  Some plants just need to be watered X times a week that would be simple to set up with a projector.  But if you wanted to get really fancy and step your plant game up to the beautiful difficult ones you could add sensors into your plant that would monitor it’s health.  If it needs more water, if it needs more sun, soil quality etc.  The sensors could transmit to the projector which could voice the plants needs.

I like the idea of the plant talking to you.  It’s almost more like a pet and you are more responsive to it’s needs.