Conscience – A Socially Responsible AR App

Idea 1:

How many things do we own that were built with child labor? How many with slavery? What is the carbon footprint of the objects that we own?  People are trying to be more conscious with their purchases, but it’s hard.  It’s hard because people are lazy. Are you going to Google a company every time before you purchase a product from it?  A $20 sweater from Zara sounds great until I know that the fabric came from factories in Asia known for dumping highly toxic waste into waterways in Asia and with workers paid far below living wages.

We want to create an app that makes it easy for you to make informed and responsible choices.  To be able to scan an object, tag or advertisement, and see a rating of this product or corporation based on environmental or social performance. Simple and easy and it can keep track of your purchases and let you know if you’re making progress.