1968 Prototype

For the final I worked with Alex Zimmer and we made a prototype for a fellowship we’re trying to get.  As much as I am fascinated by AR and learned so much in this class I still think we are so limited by our phones.  The only thing that will make me look at the world through my phone is a story or to learn something.  For the fellowship we have to make an AR app related to the year of 1968.  We decided to focus on protests that occurred that year as a way to maintain a focus but still tackle the wide variety of issues that were going on.  We’d also like to find a way to tie it to protests occurring today which are mainly about the exact same issues.

While there was ample images and videos available, the videos are not of the highest quality and we knew we would want to recreate some.  So we explored shooting people on a green screen to then see in the app.  We did a super quick and dirty prototype.  There are obviously more things we want to do with this such as add audio that guides you + GPS to get more accurate locations, figure out how to fade out and keep the video turnt toward you no matter where you are. I also want to play with the idea of how we can get people to leave their stories there.  For example if there is a protest going on how someone using the app could document it and leave it for the next person that uses the app to find.