Einstein’s Dreams

Each of this dreams/essays are so poignant because they exaggerate what we already do as people everyday, the time makes actions absolute.  The Nows and the Laters, everyone lives on a spectrum somewhere between them, oscillating in reaction to circumstance. But is this how life would really be if you could live forever? You wonder how long you would last if you could live forever.  I suspect not very long. One time can bleed into the other. If you lived forever than would time be relative. To what would you compare it to? My forever to your forever? My time as a now vs my time as a later? But if everyone lived forever how would we ever know our past and who we are.  The past, present and future would all be one. Maybe we’d all be catatonic watching centuries go by before taking a sip of water to remember the taste of nothing. We could all be the same together or the same alone. Is there a sense of self without time? Without a past or a future? And if time is shorter is your sense of self stronger?  In all of this it is perspective that pervades. Everything is the end or beginning or somewhere on the line. In a world with no sense of future each moment is the end of the world and that is paralyzingly fearful or the ultimate freedom to dissolve into the senses. Does time even matter in the end? Are you trapped or are you free? Nothing means nothing, or nothing can mean everything.