For my midterm I want to make something that I can use in a project I’m working on in Unreal.

I’m recreating this babylonian myth of a descent into the underworld.

I finished my underworld already but am now working on the Earth portal to the underworld from a forest.

I’m really interested in creating a whirlpool portal. I tried creating one with tiltbrush but I don’t really like how it came out when placed in the world.

I played around with the Phyllotaxis code and love the idea of using eyes and how the swirl kind of makes you dizzy.

I want to place it in this walnut I’m using as a cave


It would be ideal if I could eventually make it a 3d swirl you can enter.


Source Code:
var n = 0;
var c = 8;
//var c = 3;

var points = [];

var start = 0;

function preload(){
img = loadImage(‘eye.png’);

function setup() {
createCanvas(400, 400);

function draw() {
translate(width / 2, height / 2);
rotate(n * 0.3);
for (var i = 0; i < n; i++) {
//var angle = i * 137.5;
var angle = i * 130;
var radius = c * sqrt(i);
var x = radius * cos(angle);
var y = radius * sin(angle);
var hu = sin(start + i * 0.5);

image(img, x,y,15,15);
n += 5;
start += 5;

// Daniel Shiffman
// http://codingtra.in
// http://patreon.com/codingtrain
// Code for: https://youtu.be/KWoJgHFYWxY

Inanna- Tunnel Complete

I finally achieved my goal of a tunnel of videos that leads into the underworld.  After two days of being planted in the same spot on my couch what I imagined finally materialized.  I have been collecting videos for the past two weeks.  Each three videos in a gate are meant to represent what Inanna gives up on her way to the Underworld: Will, Ego, Mind, Sex Role, Illumination, Magic and Godhood.  Once I had all of the videos I had to figure out how to put them in my world and play them simultaneously.Unreal is magical but it learning everything takes a long time.  Watching online tutorials and scouring forums online helps a lot but I’ve found sometimes the simplest things take the longest.  I tried to find the Media folder for hours.  Every tutorial skipped over said you had to use it to make media textures but didn’t say where you could find it.  I scrolled through all of the toolbars and the content browser until I found out eventually it’s just a right click.  One I learned the process I repeated it 20 times.  I now have the importing video and blueprint process down pat.  My tunnel exists and I love it.  It’s the first thing at ITP I feel truly proud of.  I was very particular about my aesthetic and I feel like I carried it through.  I achieved what I wanted for this week (fairytales midterm too) but have much to do until it’s finished (1 week when Worlds on a Wire midterm is due).  I have my look, my underworld, my character and my tunnel.

Everything else character animations, above ground world and shots, unity of selves sequence, 360 filming to come…..

I think I accomplished everything I could on my Mac computer and will now have to continue the project on a gaming computer.

(Jumpy and blurry due to screen capture on Mac with Unreal)


Playing with Tiltbrush

This week we were tasked with exploring Tiltbrush, Quill or Medium.  Tiltbrush was one of the first programs I’d tried out in VR so I thought I would try Quill out instead.  I quickly found out that I am much fonder of Tiltbrush than Quill.  Using Quill after Tiltbrush just felt so flat.  It lost a lot of the wonder of painting in 3D.  There were no shadows and the background was a flat white.  If there was depth I couldn’t see it well.  I’m sure much of this preference has to do with my artistic ability.  I’m not the most talented painter and my frustrations of painting in Quill were the same as those I have of painting on a canvas.  It seemed so much more serious, it wasn’t really transporting.  I was so disheartened with my Quill whirlpool I didn’t save it.  I have the fbx files but it’s not worth finding the image.

My inspiration for what I wanted the whirlpool to look like was Anish Kapoor’s whirlpool made with the blackest ink.

This is basically what my Quill whirlpool looked like:

Obviously I wasn’t very happy with my result. I decided to revert back to using Tiltbrush in order to make a whirlpool I wasn’t horribly embarrassed about.  And using Tiltbrush is just so fun. I blocked myself off an hour to explore all of the different backgrounds and effects.  It feels so magical.  I love the different backgrounds – painting in space just makes you feel more free and you can appreciate your squiggles even if it’s only because of the effects. I used the splatter brush to make the water and it added a lot of depth.  I didn’t realize how important the shadows were to helping my brain process the depth and height of what I was making until I didn’t have it in Quill.  I used the smoke as the foam on the water and snow as for water sprinkles.

Much better.

I tried out using the audio reactive brushes and they were AMAZING.  It was so pleasurable.


Here’s some great space painting music: